• Notices for July 18th - 22th:

    Bet you thought no one was taking care of the website. Well you were partially right. The Bagel Bytes web design team has been on vacation (all 2 of us) so we haven't been able to update the site for a while. There isn't much going on but here is what you need to know.
  • Fosters

    They have started publicizing the robotics story arc for "The Fosters" See the promo on YouTube at this link
    You cannot show any pictures yet but you can tell people that FIRST Robotics was involved with "The Fosters" and encourage them to watch episodes 5-8. Episode 5 airs on July 25.
  • Summer Cleanup

    The room finished its summer cleanup. The custodians have finished the floors and the room looks unnaturally clean now. Thank you to all of you who spent a piece of your summer helping to clean up our room.
  • Future Updates

    Although there is not much scheduled for the summer, sometimes events come up quickly. Make sure you have the Slack app still installed and at least have the general and events groups on active notification. If something comes up, the information will be posted in one of those groups immediately.
  • Keep watch here and on Slack for more info and website updates. There are a lot of pictures coming to the site soon as well as some more robot profiles and possibly some more additions.

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Welcome to the Culver City High School
Robotics Team Home

    Team 702

    Culver City High School Robotics is a team of Students and Professionals who work together to build a robot for the FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotics Competition. The season is six weeks starting in January when we build and test a robot to compete in FIRST Regional Competitions against teams from across California. Winning a regional competition qualifies us to compete in the FIRST Championship Event held in St Louis.
    Outside of the season, the team participates in many activities and fundraisers to support the entry and building costs of the competition.

Team 702 Blog

    See the wordpress version of the blog presented by our sponsor, Cooler Master here:
  • Robot In 3 Days?

    Retrospect (n) - contemplation of the past; a survey of past time, events, etc.


    For all of you who are not FRC veterans, there is a group online called "robot in 3 days" who after the FRIST game is revealed proceeds to build a robot to do that game in, you guessed it, 3 days. Maybe it is to inspire all the teams out there who can barely get a robot together in 6 weeks let alone 3 days. To me it seemed almost mocking us as they show off what they can do and usually have a robot that can score better than any of our robots. So I rarely look at the posts. Anyway, team 702 usually likes to find a way different approach to the game and seeing stuff like that can stifle creativity. (As well as making me want to stifle them right up their...)

  • Retrospect and Thoughts

    Retrospect (n) - contemplation of the past; a survey of past time, events, etc.


    The year has come to an end. After six weeks of planning, designing, building, testing, competing, and cheering we have come to the end of the 2016 FIRST Stronghold season. In my three years of being on the team, this year was the first year where I saw drive and determination in all of the eyes of my teammates. This year was our year to show what we were made of above all. We made this year like that, we wanted to prove ourselves to other teams, and, in some ways to ourselves, prove that we are still a team to be feared and still a team to be watched.

  • Past blog entries can be found in our blog archive.