Robotics Team 2015-2016

  • High School Back to School Night
    September 30

    Back to School night is this Wednesday! Thatnk you to all of you who have signed up to donate food. We have met our donation goals! If you do not remember what you signed up for please click here to view the online form. Please bring all non perishables on Tuesday September 29th and perishables on Wednesday either before or after school by 3:00pm. Thank you!
  • Haunted House begins construction
    October 1

    The haunted house this year will be in High School room 108. We begin construction on Thurday, first day of October. This also means starting Thursday the team will be meeting every day after school and study hall will be enforced. Expect Build to last until 7 every day so arrange your ride home accordingly.
  • Culver City Middle School Back to School Night Demo
    Friday September 16

    CCMS invited us to have a robot demo and run a bake sale at their Back to School Night. The event was a great success. Many future High School students got a good look at our frisbee robot and our bake sale sold completely out. Thank you to all members for donating your time and baked goods. Also thank you to Culver City Middle School for suppoerting the CCHS Robotics Team!
  • Fall Classic
    September 26

    Team 702 opted not to attend the Fall Classic event. Future events will be posted here so keep checking back.

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Welcome to the Culver City High School
Robotics Team Home

    Team 702

    Culver City High School Robotics is a team of Students and Professionals who work together to build a robot for the FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotics Competition. The season is six weeks starting in January when we build and test a robot to compete in FIRST Regional Competitions against teams from across California. Winning a regional competition qualifies us to compete in the FIRST Championship Event held in St Louis.
    Outside of the season, the team participates in many activities and fundraisers to support the entry and building costs of the competition.

Recent News

  • the 2009 robot found!

    The 18 wheeler, our robot from 2009 was recently discovered in a store room at Culver City Middle School. That gave the web design team the oportunity to look back at 2009 and share some memories of a good but under appreciated year. 2009 was the 3rd robot under the new coach Davis. Coming on the heels of the incredible run of 2008, the team was eager to repeat the success of the previous year. However FIRSt threw a wrench into everyone's plans and made a drastic change to the field. Robots were restricted to 6 inch hard plastic wheels and the surface was a bumpy plastic found on some bathroom walls. (Including the CCHS School bathrooms) This is one of the few robots where the students did most of the designing. The primary designer was Sean "Deskwalker," Co-captain of the team. He designed both the ball collector and the delivery system. He was also the one who figured out how to make polycord work as a conveyor belt. In fact, his collector conveyor design was so good, it was modified and reused in 2012 to sweep nerf basketballs off the floor. Practices that year were in the cafeteria since it was the largest space with a similar slippery surface. We had to wait for the custodians to finish waxing the floor and then go in and test our drive. It was the first year of the new control system as well, which allowed us to drive with game controllers. unfortunately our co-pilot, Sam "Kirby" discovered the hard way that buttons have no analog control and the delivery motor was set too fast. He hit the button at scrimmage and the pvc ball delivery barrel spun so fast it shattered. No one was hurt, but it is said that a chunk of PVC is still embedded in the ceiling of that High School. If you read the profile of this robot on this site, you know that even though this robot was one of our best, it did not make the quarter finals. Even at fall classic, it did not succeed well. We were still proud of our design, but unfortunately, the wheels only worked on hard smooth surfaces so demos with that robot were impractical. It sat in the "cave" (our storeroom until 2015) until the team cleaned it out. Most of its useful electronics had already been stripped. The collector and polycord conveyor transferred to 2012 "F^3" robot. It was a tough decision but the team could not afford the space so 2009 was sent to the dumpster. Or so we thought... 3 years later at a CCMS bakesale for the team, Coach Davis was taken to a store room where "a robot seems to have been found" Who would have thought that it would ever return but there it was, wheeless, only frame and bumpers. It didn't seem right to banish it to the dumpster again after it escaped once. So it was sent to the robotics room where the team carefully disassembled it and put away all its parts. 2009 embodied the never say die attitude of the team, surviving competition and the trash heap. So now it waits in the cabinet for a future project where it can become something new and be useful once again.
  • Starting a new year!

    We have a lot of projects coming up in the next couple weeks. Although our first meeting is not until the second week of school, all returning team members need to check in at room 91 to see what has been going on over the summer and what still needs to be done.