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  • January 10, 2015
    week 4

    Half way through! We successfully tested our mechanism managing to pick up and stack. And our drive base is moving around autonomously, and a little creepily... We are just waiting on parts to finalize the build.

    don't forget team picture this Tuesday at 3 in front of the school library,wear your shirts

    Here is a list of current tasks for each subteam:
    Drive train: fabricating brackets and beginning the second drive base for the robot
    Mechanics: waiting for pneumatic parts to build the final mechanism
    Electronics and Programming: continue testing autonomous code and assisting with mechanical prototypes
    Publicity: CHAIRMAN'S AWARD!
    Spirit: check and improve the bagel bot mascot suit
    Scouting: continue training scouting team
  • Build Season
    January 3 through February 17

    Build season is the six weeks we have to build our robot and prepare for competition. During this time, the team will be meeting every day after school as well as every Saturday. Please Click here to see the calendar with the daily schedule and hours we will be working. Study hall will be enforced every day but Friday and Saturday.
  • Dinner Schedule
    We still need days in February covered!

    All team members are responsible for bringing dinner for the team at least once during build season. Dinners are needed every weeknight and occasionally on Saturday.
    Click here sign up.

    First sign up must be in one of the days shaded in white. You may sign up for a day shaded in green for your second, however those are only in case we have to stay late on a Saturday. If you sign up for a green day, we will let you know Friday night if dinner will be necessary.

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Welcome to the Culver City High School
Robotics Team Home

    Team 702

    Culver City High School Robotics is a team of Students and Professionals who work together to build a robot for the FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotics Competition. The season is six weeks starting in January when we build and test a robot to compete in FIRST Regional Competitions against teams from across California. Winning a regional competition qualifies us to compete in the FIRST Championship Event held in St Louis.
    Outside of the season, the team participates in many activities and fundraisers to support the entry and building costs of the competition.

Recent News

  • March 20-22, 2014
    Los Angeles Regional FIRST Robotics Competition

    The LA Regional Competition did not go very well. We ended Friday ranked 10th, but then lost every match on Saturday due to some extremely bad luck. I still want to congratulate everyone on the team for their hard work, we had a good season, now we need to get ready for the next one.
  • March 7-9, 2014
    Central Valley Regional FIRST Robotics Competition

    Despite more breakdowns and repairs than any robot in the last 8 years, The robot finished 13th out of 45 teams. Unfortunately it did not make the quarter finals. However a special recognition needs to go to the drive team. Even with half the robot constantly breaking down, they still managed to play and compete and make a contribution to each alliance through both scoring and defense. Congradulations to Chris "Mostaza", Aly "Fluffy Headed Fiend" and Amaris "Noodles"
  • January 4 - February 18, 2014
    Build Season 2014

    With a week and a half of pure design and near complete CAD, we built the new robot for competition with a catapult and omni drive. Thank you to all team members who spent the long nights and especially the weekends working on the robot. There is a lot to do in the off season so make sure you keep aware of what the team is doing.
  • Wednesday February 19

    Engineering Week Games at Raytheon
    CCHS sent a team of 3 robotics team members to the 14th annual Engineering Games at Raytheon. The CCHS team, along with the Milken Community High School team, won 1st place by a wide margin by building a device that locks on to a light source and maintains its orientation despite rotating the platform it sat on. Congratulations to team members Chris "Mostaza", Lani "80s Rewind", and Mario "Chickie Moo". Pictures coming soon!